How to Succeed with Crowd Funding Just Ask Bernie Sanders Who Raised $70 Million

$70 million raised to fund presidential campaign at the end of 2015

With his fly-away hair and frumpy, grandfatherly nature, the senator from Vermont had raised more than $70 million. He succeed with crowd funding to fund his presidential campaign at the end of 2015. In other words, he’s already lapped the crowdfunding efforts of both Pebble smartwatches, combined.

Contrary to the well-worn traditions of tapping wealthy donors for large contributions to fund a political campaign, Sanders’ presidential campaign bid has been funded with millions of small campaign donations.

The average campaign donation to the Sanders presidential bid was $27.16 in the fourth quarter of last year. According to an infographic generated by Tess Hottenroth, co-founder of the equity crowdfunding platform Bankroll Ventures.

Bernie Sanders Succeed with Crowd Funding

How to Succeed with Crowd Funding Bernie Sanders Raised $70 Million Infographic

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