Facebook Marketing: A How to Guide for Beginners

Advertising on Facebook has the potential to transform your social reach, without putting a strain on your budget.

Advertising on Facebook has the potential to transform your social reach, without putting a strain on your budget. You can place custom ads to target your specific audience, making it easier for you to reach who you want to, quickly.

Facebook Marketing

Create a user account to advertise on.

First you should Create a new Facebook account separate to your personal one, if you don’t have one.

Fill out the ‘create an account’ section first. You may also want to make a separate email account to use for marketing.

When you’ve done this click ‘create an account’.

Facebook marketing create an account page

You may want need to verify your account by confirming your phone number. Don’t worry, Facebook will never call or text you, unless you have requested help to access your account.

Facebook marketing news feed page

Discover and join groups to advertise on.

Once you have created your account you will be taken to the home news feed.

On the left hand side, you will be able to see a list of links to pages. From here you should go to ‘Discover Groups’.

When you’ve been linked to the ‘Discover Groups’ page you will be recommended groups to join.

Alternatively, you can search for words in the search bar and then click groups in the discover bar. I recommend that you search for keywords that are relevant to what you’re promoting and in your local area. For example, if you’re selling baby clothing you’ll want to search ‘buy and sell mothers Leeds’. This will mean you’re marketing directly to your target audience.

Now you can join the groups that appeal to you – This should only be 5 a day, otherwise Facebook may restrict or ban your account because they’ll think you’re a spammer.   You will need to wait for the group admin to accept your request. You will receive a notification to let you know they have done so.

Facebook Marketing recommended groups

Post in groups.

Now that you’ve joined some groups you can begin posting and marketing! On the groups pages you should have the options of ‘post something’, ‘sell something’, ‘start a discussion’ or ‘create a poll’.

The most popular way to market on groups is to select the “post” option.

Facebook Marketing post on group page

This is like a listing where you have a description of what you’re selling, at what price and you can add an image.

If you want to promote your site or content then you will want to choose the post option and give a description, add an image and include links to what you’re promoting, so viewers can follow up on your post.

You can repeat the same message a maximum of 5 times in 5 different groups, if you was to go over this limit Facebook might think you’re being unoriginal and spamming. Facebook will then prevent you from being active on groups, which you probably don’t want.

Important to know

Your Facebook profile shouldn’t represent your business. If you’re using an account for the purpose of marketing your business you have to use your actual name and not your businesses. Facebook has a strict policy that you’re not allowed to run a business and earn money from a profile as you’re supposed to create a business page to do this. If you get caught you risk getting blocked from using Facebook.

If you host discussions, competitions and giveaways you should state that it isn’t associated with Facebook. If you don’t do this your posts will be likely to be removed, and again you will face being blocked.

You shouldn’t repeat the same posts more than five times and you shouldn’t comment the same thing over and over as this is seen as spam.

facebook marketing image

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