Should Web Design Companies Provide Free Work to Entice New Clients?

We ask Simon Macbeth, Design Manager, of 1 to 1 Web Design.

“I can’t speak for other companies”, says Simon Macbeth of 1 to 1 Web Design, “but we value the work we do. We simply do not provide free work to entice new clients. We are a well-established company that receives dozens of quote requests every day. Our team only quote for a small number of those projects.”

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“I imagine there are a number of web designers out there who might still learning how to build websites. Or maybe don’t have any customers, so might be willing to do some of the work for free to try and win a new client.

The Dangers

If a potential client has a well established website, I’d suggest that it would be risky letting an unexperienced team loose on their site. If a new website is not built in the correct manner they could be a risk damaging what they clients’ worked hard to achieve. The same could happen to the website Google ranking too, if the new site wasn’t built correctly.

Producing the design options is one of the most important parts of a project. At 1 to 1 Web Design we spend time getting to know our customers, and what our customer needs before we start creating the design options. Our usual process is to produce 3 design options that meet our client’s requirements, and 2 ‘wild card’ options, which we think will work well on the client’s new website. After these are completed we then work with the client to create the actual website. Once the website is completed we then obtain the clients feedback and suggestions on how to further improve the website and enhance the design.

The design stage is an ongoing process throughout the development of a website. It should not be something that is chosen at the start, and then the customer being stuck with. Instead the design should evolve and improve throughout the process.

Building Cheap Websites to Entice New Clients

It can be difficult to get new clients.  I started my web designer life by building cheap websites to entice new clients. It helped build up my portfolio. I wouldn’t have however risked working on an established site – just in case I made it worse.  These days I’m lucky enough to work with a fab team are able to successfully tackle most projects.”

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